10 August 2022

Intan Suhana Zulkafli


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“The study of the structures of the human body is referred to as human anatomy. An understanding of anatomy is essential for medical practice and other health-related professions.

‘Anatomy’ is derived from the Greek terms ‘ana’, which means ‘up’, and ‘tome’, which means ‘cutting’. Cutting up or dissecting organisms has traditionally been a part of anatomy studies.

Dr. Intan Suhana holding an anatomical specimen used for medical students teaching

Although imaging technology can show us a lot about how the inside of a body works, thus reducing the need for dissection, medical students still require to learn human anatomy from cadavers. This is why the Anatomy Resource Centre is important as part of their undergraduate learning,” said Dr. Intan Suhana Zulkafli, Head of Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine @unimalaya

Drop her an email at intansuhanazulkafli@um.edu.my if you would like to know the difference between gross anatomy and histology, or to book a visit to the Anatomy Museum, ya?

Dr. Intan Suhana and her colleagues at the Anatomy Resource Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya

📸 Profile photos by Mohd. Yani Alias for PPP.