21 February 2024

Jason Chuah


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It’s not okay for your gum to bleed

Pay attention to the signals your body is telling you. It is not okay to have gum bleeding every now and then. Make that visit to the dentist, so they will examine you and provide the necessary treatment to control your gum bleeding problem.

Will there ever be the next Oxfords, Harvards?

Every nation has their own strength and limitations from socio-economic and geo-political background. Like in any other sectors, advancing strategies for universities should then also be based on their own strength rather than following what others are doing elsewhere.


Professor Jason Chuah has worked abroad for over 33 years since graduating from the Faculty of Law at Universiti Malaya. He is spurred by a passion for the Law, especially all things maritime law related, teaching and writing. Despite being born and bred in KL, he has an inexplicable interest in ships. Though a self-declared couch potato if given the chance, he does relish being in the natural environment. He was particularly struck at how green UM’s campus is.

The newly appointed Dean of the Faculty of Law is excited about the amazing opportunities Universiti Malaya offers students, academics and the wider society. Prior to this appointment he was the Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law and Head of Law at the City Law School, University of London. He was the holder of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Award, Barclays Bank Scholarship and the Cambridge Commonwealth Fellowship at the University of Cambridge.

His life story is a testament to his motivation and determination – having come from humble beginnings, he graduated with First Class Honours from UM, before travelling to the UK to pursue his further education and career. He expresses trepidation at taking up the role at Universiti Malaya after being away from the country for so long but his love for the country and alma mater became irresistible.

His willingness to put himself out there, bolstered by his faith in his colleagues’ commitment and professionalism, will hopefully drive the nation’s oldest law school to continue to make huge strides in educational excellence on the global stage.

📸 Photos by Mohd. Fazli Zainordin @fazlizainor for CCC (2023)