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The train of life

Each experience, be it positive or negative, equips us with the wisdom to face the future. The journey of life is relentless, and it is up to us to welcome each new beginnings with hope and determination. This constant forward momentum is the essence of life, and it constantly pushes us to stay prepared for whatever lies ahead.


Kenal pasti faktornya

Statistik mengenai buli siber di Malaysia menunjukkan masalah ini semakin serius, terutama dalam kalangan remaja. Menurut kajian Ipsos, Malaysia berada di tempat kedua di Asia selepas India dalam isu buli siber dalam kalangan belia.

Bringing back their smiles

O.L.D.I.E is more than just a health project—it’s a movement towards a better quality of life for our aging population.

Be kind to those on the streets

Whether it’s adopting a rescue pet, being a responsible pet owner, or speaking out against animal abuse, we all have the power to create positive change.

Menyelami intipati budaya Temuan di Ulu Chemong

Program ini berjaya memberi pendedahan dan pemahaman yang mendalam tentang budaya dan gaya hidup orang asli Temuan dalam kalangan mahasiswa UM.

The ice cream of life

I challenge all of us to be more like ice cream. Let’s store our energy wisely, stay true to our unique ‘flavour’, and when called upon, let’s give it our all – whether it’s a small scoop or a whole tub of effort.