23 June 2024

Innovating kayak race at Tasik Varsiti


Ragbi kita perlu naturalisasi

Siapa tahu, satu hari nanti mungkin pasukan Bunga Raya juga mampu membuat kejutan sebagaimana dilakukan oleh pasukan naturalisasi UAE (ranking ke-73 dunia) yang mengalahkan Korea Selatan (ranking ke-33 dunia, ke-3 Asia) dengan mata 36 berbalas 32 di ARC 2024?

For you is yours

A human being, irrespective of his or her faith, can be treated justly as long as their human needs are concerned.

Exploring our own Renaissance

The Renaissance, a period of rebirth in arts, science, and culture from 1359 to 1600, was a time when society celebrated versatility. This era saw the emergence of polymaths—individuals who excelled in multiple fields. Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most iconic figures of the Renaissance, epitomised this ideal.

Berkorbanlah, demi mendidik hati

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Menghargai seorang bapa

Dalam institusi keluarga, bapa memainkan peranan yang penting. Ibaratnya bapa merupakan nakhoda yang mengemudi bahtera sebuah rumahtangga di samudera institusi keluarga.


Recently, Universiti Malaya’s Tasik Varsiti was abuzz with excitement as 100 participants, comprising of students and the public, gathered for the “Kayak Kings 2024”. This unique kayak event, designed and organised by students from the Sport Event Management course, combined the thrill of competition with a family-friendly atmosphere.

The organising committee of Kayak Kings
Participants trying their best to scoop out the items from Tasik Varsiti

The event featured a tag-team of two participants in each kayak, racing to collect balls and toy ducks scattered across the lake. With only five minutes on the clock, participants aimed to scoop up as many items as possible, with balls earning one point and ducks three points. This innovative approach not only brought an element of fun but also served as an educational exercise in teamwork and strategy.

Nurul Amirah Abdul Azeez, Kayak Kings Program Director, expressed her satisfaction with the event’s outcome, saying, “I am thrilled to see everyone enjoying themselves, especially our advisor, Dr. Teo Eng Wah. I’m proud of the hard work and teamwork of my fellow course mates that made this event possible.”

The main objective of “Kayak Kings” was for the Sport Event Management students to organize an innovative sport event that demonstrates how physical activity can be both enjoyable and educational. By creating an event that is accessible to all, the organisers aimed to promote healthy lifestyle in a fun and engaging manner. This sentiment was echoed by Geng Xinqi, an international student from China, who shared her excitement about the event, saying, “This event was incredibly interesting and meaningful. Although tiring, I thoroughly enjoyed participating and look forward to joining any future sports events organized by the team, as it has allowed me to immerse in the culture and people of Malaysia.”

Despite some participants being student athletes, the event highlighted the need for cooperation and physical strength, ensuring that even those new to kayaking had a fair chance. “The presence of participants who had never kayaked before, including the international students, showed how inclusive the event was. And this is definitely an icing on the cake, as it added an additional positive note to the event,” said Nurul Amirah.

Winners and finalists of Kayak Kings

The success of “Kayak Kings” has set a precedent for future events to be held by students of Sport Event Management course. A participant, Nur Qistina Mohd. Sani commended the event for its outstanding safety measures and friendly atmosphere. She expressed her enthusiasm for future events and continuing its message of fostering community spirit and a love for healthy, enjoyable activities.

For further details on the program, please contact Lau Lai Kiat, Vice Director of Kayak Kings, Faculty of Sports and Exercise Sciences, Universiti Malaya. He may be reached at laikiat2019@gmail.com