21 February 2024

Dalgona candy


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Dalgona candy 🍭 is a product of caramelization of sugar, according to Dr. Chai Lay Ching @chailayching from Institute of Biological Sciences @isb_um @unimalaya

Heating up white sugar, which is crystalized sucrose, to 160 degrees causes it to oxidize and break down. This process produces various compounds, such as caramelans, caramelens and caramelins that gives the brown color and caramel flavor to the candy.

The candy’s recipe also calls for bicarbonate soda, or sodium bicarbonate, which releases carbon dioxide gas upon reacting with other ingredients. This is the reason why dalgona candy is crunchy and easily brakes (but also enjoyable to eat!)

“We might not have dalgona candy here in Malaysia, but we have peanut candy 工花生糖 which is also made of caramelized sugar,” said Dr. Chai with delight. Contact her at lcchai@um.edu.my if you would like to talk more about food-related science.

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