10 August 2022

Hasmahzaiti Omar


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“If you are not sure of your academic direction, don’t worry. Be true to your intentions, and work hard wherever you are,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasmahzaiti Omar when met at the Institute of Biological Sciences recently.

This KL-born originally intended to pursue her education in engineering, following the footsteps of her sister. But because of her passion in fundamental sciences, especially biology, she changed her direction towards ecology and biodiversity. She did her undergraduate degree at UMS, followed by masters and PhD degrees in UKM and UM, respectively.

Apart from her work on mammals, Dr. Zaiti is currently in charge of UM’s Zoology Museum. Unknown to a lot of people, the museum actually has the largest zoology collection from colonial times in the country. It still has an exhibit dated 1908, presumably transferred from the Raffles College!

If you would like to discuss your future career options in biology, or just curious between the differences of shrews, mice, and squirrels (not much actually!), you are more than welcome to drop her an email at zaiti_1978@um.edu.my

Preferably during breakfast over a nice cup of hot coffee and nasi lemak, ya?

Dr. Zaiti at Universiti Malaya’s Zoology Museum (Photo by Mohd. Yani Alias for PPP)