21 February 2024

Nur Amani@Natasha Ahmad Tajuddin


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It’s not okay for your gum to bleed

Pay attention to the signals your body is telling you. It is not okay to have gum bleeding every now and then. Make that visit to the dentist, so they will examine you and provide the necessary treatment to control your gum bleeding problem.

Will there ever be the next Oxfords, Harvards?

Every nation has their own strength and limitations from socio-economic and geo-political background. Like in any other sectors, advancing strategies for universities should then also be based on their own strength rather than following what others are doing elsewhere.


Did you know that Malaysia has the highest prevalence of obesity among adults in the Southeast Asia? In the 2019 National Health and Morbidity Survey, half of our adult population were reported to be overweight.

Being overweight is one of the characteristics of a non-communicable disease (NCD). Studies have shown that it increases the risk of many diseases including diabetes (Type II) and various cardiovascular complications (heart failure, heart attack, and stroke).

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Amani@Natasha Ahmad Tajuddin from the Department of Primary Care Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya the good news is that NCDs are preventable and can be done by anyone by making changes to their lifestyles (physical activity and dietary modification).

“You just have to be a more mindful about what you eat, move a bit more everyday, and make sure to get a good night’s sleep,” she said with an encouraging smile.

Do pay Dr. Nur Amani a visit at her clinic in PPUM if you’d like to discuss more on NCD. Just don’t forget her favourite cup of latte! ☕

📷 Profile photos by Mohd. Yani Alias for PPP