23 June 2024

Affendi Yang Amri


Ragbi kita perlu naturalisasi

Siapa tahu, satu hari nanti mungkin pasukan Bunga Raya juga mampu membuat kejutan sebagaimana dilakukan oleh pasukan naturalisasi UAE (ranking ke-73 dunia) yang mengalahkan Korea Selatan (ranking ke-33 dunia, ke-3 Asia) dengan mata 36 berbalas 32 di ARC 2024?

For you is yours

A human being, irrespective of his or her faith, can be treated justly as long as their human needs are concerned.

Exploring our own Renaissance

The Renaissance, a period of rebirth in arts, science, and culture from 1359 to 1600, was a time when society celebrated versatility. This era saw the emergence of polymaths—individuals who excelled in multiple fields. Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most iconic figures of the Renaissance, epitomised this ideal.

Menghargai seorang bapa

Dalam institusi keluarga, bapa memainkan peranan yang penting. Ibaratnya bapa merupakan nakhoda yang mengemudi bahtera sebuah rumahtangga di samudera institusi keluarga.

Berkorbanlah, demi mendidik hati

Oleh: Prof Madya Dr Mohd Anuar Ramli Setiap tahun, umat...


Did you know that Malaysia has more than 200 coral reef sites, home to more than 600 species of corals? These numbers alone have put our country at the forefront of global coral reef study and conservation efforts, led by the likes of Mr. Affendi.

Mr. Affendi Yang Amri from IOES is one of the leading country experts on coral reef conservation and rehabilitation, with more than 25 years’ experience. Inspired by documentaries by Jacques Cousteau, he has always dreamed of being a marine conservationist since young.

Affendi holding two types of corals (Photo by Mohd. Yani Alias)

Since there were no undergraduate degree courses in the country that cover coral reef ecology study at that time, he enrolled in the Ecology program at Faculty of Science @isb_um @unimalaya.

Mr. Affendi had postgraduate research training in Australia, and even had the chance to work and stay at the Great Barrier Reef! He also received mentorship from Dr Charlie Veron, widely accepted as the Godfather of Coral 😎

This young-at-heart researcher continues to conduct his conservation work, recently establishing Project PULIH @projectpulih with other fellow like-minded researchers. He is frequently consulted by the Fisheries Department, state governments and agencies, and various entities for advice relating to coral reef ecosystems in the country.

Did you know that Mr. Affendi was one of the very few lucky people who got to dissect a dugong in 2005? Contact him at affendi@um.edu.my if you would like to know more about that story, or his experience being stranded at the Great Barrier Reef for almost 2 months without food supply, ya?

Mr. Affendi was instrumental in negotiating an MoU between UM and RHB recently (Utusan Malaysia)

Beautiful and healthy coral reef site (Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash)

📸 Profile photos by Mohd. Yani Alias for PPP. Coral reef photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash