Should we worry about the Omicron variant?

A new Sars-Cov-2 virus variant, known as B.1.1.529 and named Omicron by the @WHO, has recently received wide media coverage due to worries that...

IOES is part of €700,000 global seaweed research

Universiti Malaya's Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences (IOES) was announced as part of 15 global projects related to seaweed research, receiving a total...

Tiada muntah darah!

Respon kepada kes keracunan cendawan 8 beranak di Terengganu Oleh: Dr. Phan Chia Wei Pada 10 November 2021, Pusat Penyelidikan Cendawan, Universiti Malaya telah menerima sampel...

Kekal intim dan sihat bersama Movember

Oleh: Nor Ain Aqilah Hisham, Muhammad Aisar Aznal, Prof. Madya Dr. Nirmala Bhoo-Pathy Setiap tahun, Hari Lelaki Sedunia disambut pada tanggal 19 November. Bulan November...

Merungkai kos diabetes di Malaysia

Malaysia mempunyai obsesi yang luar biasa terhadap penciptaan rekod – sama ada yang terpanjang, terbesar, mahupun tertinggi. Namun, suatu rekod yang sangat pahit untuk...

Pemeriksaan klinikal benteng bahana kanser payudara

Oleh: Nor Ain Aqilah Hisham, Dr. Nur Nadiatul Asyikin Bujang, Prof. Madya Dr. Nirmala Bhoo-Pathy Berlalulah sudah bulan Oktober yang sinonim dengan reben berwarna merah...

Palm oil-derived biodiesel to replace diesel by 2030

Amidst growing environmental concerns and diminishing sources of fossil fuels, biodiesel has been considered as a potentially viable alternative. Years of extensive research has...

A need for community-based rehabilitation centres for drug users

Dr. Afiqah Mohd. Salleh, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya, and a researcher at the...

Worms in your guts may prevent bowel inflammation in some people

Improved hygiene practices have paradoxically led to an increased risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or similar afflictions. The key to preventing these...

Red Light, Green Light?

The Faculty of Languages and Linguistics @um_fll @unimalaya has a number of language courses on offer: from Spanish 🇪🇸to Portuguese 🇵🇹, from Korean 🇰🇷...


Bringing back their smiles

O.L.D.I.E is more than just a health project—it’s a movement towards a better quality of life for our aging population.

Menyelami intipati budaya Temuan di Ulu Chemong

Program ini berjaya memberi pendedahan dan pemahaman yang mendalam tentang budaya dan gaya hidup orang asli Temuan dalam kalangan mahasiswa UM.

Bursa leading the way

The Zakat Index is a market capitalization-weighted index that tracks the performance of the largest 200 companies on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia.

The ice cream of life

I challenge all of us to be more like ice cream. Let’s store our energy wisely, stay true to our unique ‘flavour’, and when called upon, let’s give it our all – whether it’s a small scoop or a whole tub of effort.

Awas, ia membunuhmu

Fikirkan terlebih dahulu sebelum mula bicara atau bertingkah laku dan jangan jadikan perbuatan buli ini sebagai satu norma kepada masyarakat hari ini

Oral wellbeing for street kids of Chow Kit

In an effort to improve healthcare equity, students from...

Setting your priorities right

Bleeding gums also contribute to systemic inflammation, exacerbating conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

TVET is key in circular economy

TVET programs often emphasize problem-solving and innovation, encouraging students to think creatively about resource use and waste reduction. This can lead to training in design thinking to create products that are easier to repair, upgrade, and recycle.

Go find them

While having options can be empowering, it can also be paralyzing. The sheer volume of possibilities might make it difficult for them to commit to a single path.

His dilemma

This episode reveals the loophole in the 2022 constitutional amendments that may be exploited by MPs. It is nevertheless up to the Speaker to decide whether there is a vacancy.